Welcome to the Teach Green Chemistry NH home page!

This wiki is a project that involves a community of New Hampshire high school educators, undergraduate students at the University of New Hampshire at Manchester, and is directed by Dr. Sarah Prescott, Associate Professor of Chemistry at the University of New Hampshire at Manchester.

The larger goals of this project are to educate the public about the principles and practice of Green Chemistry, with specific emphasis on greening laboratory activities at the high school and college level. Students at the University of New Hampshire at Manchester who are involved in chemistry courses with Dr. Prescott are teaming up with NH high school educators and their students to green these activities. The first round of teams began their project work in 2008 and this is an ongoing project. This wiki is a repository of these works in progress.

This wiki will be a resource for this group, and also help to disseminate the project and resources to the community at large.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Dr. Sarah Prescott, sarah.prescott@unh.edu

Above to the right and below are a few pictures from our teacher workshop held at UNHM in July 2008. To the left you will see links to the project teams sites.