220px-FountainSpringsWintergreen.pngThe Greener Process

The use of wintergreen oil (methyl salicylic acid ) to produce aspirin seems amazing, but they are very similar compounds.

Methyl salicylate -------------------------acetyl salicylic acid

The process for producing the aspirin should therefore be much more straightforward. The actual process I used involved two steps.
First the nucleophillic addition reaction was used to produce salicylic acid


methyl salicylate -----------------------------------sodium su-------------------------------------Salicylic acid

Secondly I used a much greener acetylation process to produce the aspirin.

Salicylic acid -----------------------------------------------------acetyl salicylic acid

The by products for these processes are sodium chloride, methane, water and acetic acid , very much more benign and possibly useful than the current process.

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