Here are a couple of biodegradable products. The first one is from a
furniture designer that was into destruction. It looks like fun,
instead of throwing it in the garbage, you get to smash it up! Here is
the link for the website

The second one I found is a biodegradable fabric. They are also using
this fabric on furniture now. It is made from kapok. Kapok fiber
comes from trees in the rainforest. They are indigenous and
sustainable. Harvesting kapok also gives locals jobs. You can just
put it in the composter when you are finished with it and it is
guaranteed to break down after a year. The problem here could be how
many people are going to put it in the compost pile and how many are
going to tie it up in a shiny plastic garbage bag for the dump.
Another good idea for things like these are donate them to people that
have nothing! But I wont get into that.... Here is the link for this
Have a good day.

Biodegradable and Reusable Diapers + Organic Baby Clothing at Crianza Natural

Utensils from a byproduct of sugar production

Amsoil TBI claims to be a biodegradable hydraulic lubricant (SAE 5W-20
-- but does not seem suited for ICEs).

This is a site that sells biodegradable take-out/to-go products for

Ongori - Biodegradable Materials web sites