project proposal for teaching green chem in conjunction with sarah kenick's organic chem class at unh manchester

topic: let's green up the "caffeine extraction lab".
1. find alternative method(s) to remove caffeine from various foods and beverages.
2. several steps are involved in the process including chloroform, ammonia, and sulfuric acid. can a slimmer mechanism be worked out?
3. find alternative chemical solvent(s).

learning objectives:
1. the lab's chemical theme is bonding. from bonding, our specific objectives involve relating the source of caffeine and the "extractor's" strength of bonds, bond compatibility, and bond sites ...these are all outcomes and discussions that will arise from this theme-this explains how the extraction occurred.
2. a separate but related goal is to analyze the structural formulas for caffeine and the extracting solvents so we can figure out why the extraction occurred.
3. a follow up goal for the lab is comparing the caffeine amounts extracted from the sources tested.
4. once the caffeine sample is in hand, access to instrumentation allows for further analysis:

green chemistry principles:
1. avoid use of hazardous materials
2. minimize the the use of solvents
3. omit needless steps or slimming down the ones that are used
4. a use for catalysis? some external aids?
5. use substances that minimize physical danger