Edward Auclair
Bishop Guertin HS

Topic Activity: To green a freezing point depression lab

At this time, students in my lab use lauric acid as the pure solvent and naphthalene as the solute in a freezing point depression lab. My goal is to find a greener solute to replace the naphthalene and yet still dissolve in lauric acid.

My goal is to avoid a harmful solute and replace it with a safer material. I am willing to try other solutes, and I have tried water and isopropyl alcohol as a solute, but with terrible results. The problem with this water and alcohol mixture is that the freezing point is close to -10'C and students frequently find this temperature difficult to achieve. So, failure is common. High school labs only last approximately 45 minutes, so time and results are important factors. Disposing of naphthalene is not easy and so I am looking for an alternative. I would like one of the students to help me solve this problem.