Lorraine Connell
John Stark High School
Chemistry Department
To contact me regarding either of these ideas : l_connell@jsrhs.net

I am thinking about greening an activity where students learn about chemical changes for example:
In the lab I currently do called "Observing a Chemical Reaction," students complete a reaction with Mossy Zinc and Copper II Nitrate. I will be uploading this lab in the near future.
  • My main objectives for this lab are:
    • I want students to observe the difference between an element and a compound
    • Observe 4-5 of the 5 indicators of a chemical reaction
    • Use what they observed to try and hypothesize what the products are in the reaction (without any knowledge of formulas or types of reactions)
    • Observe a reaction that they have not seen before ( i.e. burning a match is too simple for my purposes)
    • Learn to make careful observations
    • Some students I would like to pick up on the use of a solution to speed up the reaction

I would also like to work with college students in the following ways:
  • Energy Audits, in terms of heat calculations maybe both sets of students working on calculations alongside each other
  • Thermochemistry Reactions this is not covered until late January early February, therefore as a demonstration
  • Helping me show my students about green chemistry
    • Chemical impacts in a typical science lab and/or an industrial process
    • How each of my students and I can make/ have an impact on a change

One of my favorite sites to get materials from is the Central High School Chemistry Page