Name: Judith Ashworth, Chemistry Teacher
School: Memorial HIgh School, Crusader Way, Manchester, NH 03103
Contact info:

Lab topics considering to "Green":
  • Rocket Fuel or alternative for cars
  • MP/FP of Napthalene vs paradichlorobenzene
  • Rxn - Double Displacement or Single Displacement (ammonium, barium, lead compounds)
  • Stoichiometry (lead & chromate compounds)
  • Forensic chemistry topics

Learning Objectives for greening lab topics:
  • Research opportunities to change traditional lab activities to a "greener" more environmentally acceptable perspective.
  • Engage in networking with professionals to assist in developing "greener" lab activities.
  • Interact with colleagues and students on the importance of this project.
  • Involve faculty, students, parents and school administration in student lead projects.
  • Introduce community to the academic competency of project.

Green Chemistry Principles wishing to cover:
  • atom-economy
  • solvent free
  • recognize energy costs
  • reduce waste

Relative resources (traditional protocols) presently in use:

Information for student teams:
  • my teaching schedule
    • unknown at this time, will post once verified

  • when & how to contact
    • email best, see address above

  • courses teaching:
    • College level chemistry - meets 7 periods/wk
    • Intro level chemistry - meets 5 periods/wk
    • Allied Health chemistry - unsure of # of class periods/wk

  • use of green lab protocols with my classes
    • prefer student teams to act as TA for whole class lab experiment (pre- & post- lab experience with high school students)
    • would also consider student teams to perform a demonstration of a green chemistry concept in addition to above