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Learning Objectives for 2008/09 Chem Course

These are the specific Green Chemistry Goals for my 2009 Spring Chemistry Class

1: Bring Green Chemistry concepts into curriculum in an omnipresent manner, similar to safety. GC would be an element that is referred and related to as often as possible.

2: Attempt to integrate at least one GC concept into each lab in a visible manner that students must relate to in their report/writing.

Activity (Energy and Time Economy)
This is the specific project idea for Dr. Kenick's Organic Chemistry service learning project.

Integrate the use of microwave ovens into the lab!

The use of microwave ovens in the high school setting could introduce a substantial savings of time, energy and cost. Many labs that require heating require set up of burners or hot plates and time for solutions to heat. The microwave allows for quick heating, substantial energy and equipment cost savings and introduces an element of readiness that could facilitate the design of future labs. The cost of three microwaves ($300) and about $20/year of energy cost is estimated to be significantly lower that the cost of a lab set of hotplates or a the operation of burners.

The use of the microwave itself introduces potential chemistry/physics labs. The use of the microwave for heating solutions can be calibrated for specific solutions, amounts, and time. This would be done by the students who would produce sets of heating curves for various solutions and amounts.

The Organic chem. Students could assist in determining which common (green?) solutions are used in high school/college labs and assist in the calibration of heating in microwave.